The Ohio Alliance to End Sexual Violence (OAESV) needed a website to increase awareness of and promote tools for combating sexual violence among middle and high school kids. Working with the creative team at About350 I developed a responsive, visually dynamic, image heavy, user experience that considers the mobile user first, and appeals to a younger audience.


The challenge of this development-only project was to make sure that it loaded quickly and felt fresh. The image-heavy focus of the site mean that image replacement techniques and highly optimized images that loaded quickly on mobile devices and felt intuitive to users raised on a mobile-first mindset.


Using the Foundation 6 framework in combination with WordPress I was able to build a crafty, quick-loading website that looked gorgeous too. Optimizing all of the images to reduce their size while maintaining their vibrant colors at high resolutions was the first step. The second step was to leverage Foundation’s Interchange functionality to make sure that the site was serving the right sized images depending on whether the user was using a phone, tablet or desktop computer.

For style purposes I integrated a library of fade-in animations on much of the content, to help keep the feeling of the site dynamic and exciting.


The result was an award-winning website. ICanBeTheOne.com was honored with a Hermes Creative Award for excellence in web design and development.

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